Creating Images. Engaging Audiences. Winning Results

Successful publicity and marketing initiatives utilize a mix of communication strategies. In developing campaigns that reflect our client’s objectives we develop unique and customized programs that will achieve our client’s goals. We do not believe in a one-size fits all cookie-cutter approach. We believe in developing a comprehensive and strategic approach that will bring our clients success for we believe we only succeed when our client succeeds. Learn more about our breadth of services:


One of the keys to any successful book publicity campaign is media relations. With thousands of books being published monthly, a strong media presence allows you and your book to stand out from the competition. Traditional media remains a primary source of news for millions and has expanded from simply print and broadcast outlets to online publications. We work with you in developing a media campaign that will target their dream media outlets along with key media outlets that we believe will be best suited for you and your book. We position you and your book in news stories so that your coverage is continuous and brand you as an expert and your book as the go to book on your genre.

Among our services:

  • Strategy development
  • Editorial calendar research
  • Media angle identification
  • Media material development, such as press releases, bylined articles, and press kits
  • Media training
  • Media lists
  • Media pitching that results in interviews
  • Media monitoring


Book reviews are still a vital part of any book publicity campaign but just as the publishing world is changing, the world of book reviews is changing. These days, book review outlets include more than just trade media and the book review editors at daily newspapers. Online reviews are a critical aspect in today’s online world. Our team contacts reviewers and receives a commitment from the reviewer prior to mailing the book out. We believe in providing cost-efficient services for clients and one way to achieve this is by receiving a commitment from a reviewer rather than blindly sending books out.


Many authors desire a book launch for their new book. They have poured their passions into the work and seeing the book published is like giving birth to a child. Authors want to share the joy and celebrate and launch the book with friends, family, and readers. We work with you in designing the perfect launch venue at book stores, trade shows, restaurants, schools, libraries, or other settings.

Among our services are:

  • Determining the ideal venue and location for the launch – including cost comparison based upon budget
  • Creative concepts
  • Book launch branding
  • Attendee lists
  • Promotion through relevant organizations
  • Print invitations
  • E-mail invitations and follow-up
  • Follow-up calls to facilitate awareness and attendance
  • RSVP process
  • Launch agenda
  • Launch collateral
  • Staging (audio, lighting, banners and brand integration)
  • Photography
  • On-site management of the launch
  • Media relations and social media support for the book launch
  • Placement on area calendar listings
  • Follow-up


Social media impacts everything in today’s world and has changed our lives. It has enhanced our ability to chat, influence opinion, build awareness, and engage readers in a way never envisioned. For authors, just having a social media presence is not enough. You need to engage your readers and attract new fans. You need to know which social media outlets best fit your book and how to engage readers in each in a different way. For example, a Twitter follower expects a different experience than a follower on Facebook. Knowing how to make the social media experience impactful, attract followers and engage them about your book is a critical component of any book campaign. Remember social media is unique in that conversational, immediate, authentic, and participatory. That is why your social media campaign needs to be unique.

Among our services:

  • Social media research analysis
  • Social media strategy
  • Development and maintenance of social media outlets including content and reader engagement
  • Campaign strategy and implementation
  • Social media training
  • Social media result analysis


As an author, you are doing more than just writing and promoting a book, you are actually building a brand – your brand. For some authors, the idea of a personal brand is uncomfortable and daunting. Some tell us that they don’t want to “be a brand.” Building a brand doesn’t have to be frightening. Branding is simply sharing your stories and expertise while building the reader’s trust and loyalty — that’s all it is — and it’s essential in today’s book world. An effective author brand can give you a major edge in successfully promoting your book.

Among our services:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Story development
  • Logos
  • Trade show support
  • Collateral materials
  • Website development


Book tours and book signings are still a popular venue for authors and readers alike. Despite the talk of the death of book stores, independent book stores have actually seen an increase in activity and the book store remains a major gathering spot for readers. W e design book tours and book signings based upon your budget and goals and then promote the tour through social and traditional media.

Among our services:

  • Tour strategy
  • Promotion through relevant organizations
  • Media relations and social media support
  • Placement on area calendar listings
  • Publicist on-site if requested


Gaining in popularity in this online world that we live in are blog tours. Set during a period of time, authors are invited to a blog and promote their book with live questions and interactions, even giveaways. Blog tours allow for author and reader engagement and leave a viral footprint long after the event and goes hand in hand with all other promotional activities.

Among our services:

  • Blog tour strategy
  • Promotion
  • Media relations and social media support


Speaking engagements are critical to any successful branding and marketing campaign for a book and author. Speaking engagements allow you to reach new readers and develop a following. Our team works with you in identifying key audiences for your message and placing you before them, drafting your speech, and training you in delivery. We work in placing our clients as keynote speakers, roundtable panelists, and breakout speakers.


Award nominations are powerful promotional tools for authors. The nomination itself shows professional and critical recognition of the award, increases the marketability of the book, and can garner intense media nomination. Winning the award or finishing as a finalist is increased recognition and adds to the author’s branding and book’s promotion. There are numerous awards that authors and their books can qualify to enter. Knowing the right awards that will best enhance your publicity campaign and engage readers is key.

Among our services:

  • Award strategy
  • Media relations and social media engagement
  • Post-award strategy


Celebrity endorsements can add creditability and buzz to your book. For example, children’s book endorsed by a well known child psychologist can increase visibility and allow the book to stand out from the competition. Endorsements can reap huge rewards for a book. We work with you in identifying key influencers for endorsements and then work to gain their endorsement for your book and utilize that celebrity endorsement in all promotional activities.


Tradeshows and book festivals are key components for a book publicity campaign. We help authors better market themselves to attendees before, during and after these events, and we can help you measure the impact that your presence had at the show for your book. Working with you, we develop an overall strategy for each trade show and book festival that includes targeting attendees, media relations, social media, exhibit design, and exhibit support. We also work with you in determining what shows and book festivals will best advance your book campaign.


Today, it as much as about appearance as it is substance. Today’s readers respond to the visual. We all know that a book cover is the first thing many readers first notice about a book. Our team knows how to create the visual affect that you need to support your image and mention.

Among our services:

  • Web design
  • Logo development
  • Book cover design
  • Collateral materials