Motivation Publishing – DecideBetter!

Motivation Publishing was launching their DecideBetter! decision-making series books and sought to penetrate the book market with brand identity to spur readers to seek out the books.  Further, Motivation Publishing wanted McGrath branded in the public’s consciousness as the decision guru.  The book series consisted of three books with different target audiences. DecideBetter! For A ..

CellAntenna Corporation

CellAntenna Corporation sought to bring greater awareness of the danger of prisoners using illegal cell phones while incarcerated and how the company provided a cost-efficient solution to this mounting danger to public safety through its cell phone jamming device, CJAM-CPC which currently is prohibited in the United States due to legislation enacted during the 1930s ..

Friends Of Citrus County

The Friends of Citrus County sought a public education campaign in regard to government policies in Citrus County, Fla., regarding growth and tax policies. The group of community and business leaders sought to influence policymakers to develop pro-growth and tax policies in the county. Strategic Vision PR Group developed and implemented a public education and ..

Kristina Coia

Fifteen-year old, Kristina Coia was the author of the fantasy books, “Lymeria” and “Falcon’s Prey”. She also is the founder of the “Shine Through”, a character development program designed for girls in grades K to 8.  Kristina was seeking to create a public awareness of her books and Shine Through.  Particularly, she sought national media ..


Kelly Jean Beard, while she was an attorney at Meadows, Ichter & Trigg (now Balch & Bingham), sought to establish a networking group for female professionals in the Atlanta area as an alternative to traditional networking organizations. It would include chief executive officers, chief financial officers and business owners.. The purpose of this organization was ..


TenTonToys, a division of Evergreenriver, was introducing the new toy HANDTRUX® Backhoe.  The HANDTRUX® Backhoe model is a unique sandbox sized dirt machine that looks and works just like the Big Iron and with the patented “handraulic” power-grip hidden inside each machine.  The company wanted to create a public awareness and also attract investors for ..

Hero House

HERO House was a new concept that had been developed and was being launched by Randy Haveson, a leading speaker and an alcohol and drug counselor for college students. The concept was unique — to develop a “Betty Ford Center” for college students suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  HERO House was designed strictly for ..

Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute

The Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute is a nonprofit that provides emergency preparedness training for first responders, businesses, and educational institutions through training seminars, books, and webinars. The organization sought to create public awareness of the institute’s purpose, target key audiences, and make some of its product offerings known to consumers. Strategic Vision PR Group developed ..

Valerie Clark

Valerie Clark was a first time author who had given up a high profile career on Wall Street after a near fatal car accident to pursue her lifelong dream of writing romance novels.  Her first book was “Tormented Without a Trace”, a steamy thriller partially based on real life.  Clark wanted to introduce her new ..

AIS Media Inc.

AIS Media Inc., an Atlanta-based company, had been in business for ten years and while established in the Atlanta, their brand wanted to go the next step and market itself nationally as the premier e-marketing solutions company, as well as emphasize its partner program. Strategic Vision PR Group developed a comprehensive public relations and branding ..