The Challenge

HERO House was a new concept that had been developed and was being launched by Randy Haveson, a leading speaker and an alcohol and drug counselor for college students. The concept was unique — to develop a “Betty Ford Center” for college students suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  HERO House was designed strictly for college students. Haveson was launching it in the Atlanta area and then planned to expand it to the California area.

The Solution

Strategic Vision PR Group developed a comprehensive strategy to build brand identity and to create public awareness of HERO House. The strategy encompassed:

  1. Media relations
  2. Messaging

The Results

Strategic Vision PR Group worked with Haveson to develop the messaging and the key points that he would deliver in media interviews, and that Strategic Vision PR Group would convey in all press materials for HERO House.

Strategic Vision PR Group, working with its media contacts, scheduled Haveson for national interviews on HLN, FOX News Channel, Voice of America, and ABC News Radio. The agency also scheduled him on the NBC and CBS affiliates in Atlanta and on Good Morning San Diego”. In addition, the agency was able to secure coverage for Haveson and HERO House in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and in USA Today.

Strategic Vision PR Group’s plan also called for Haveson to speak at colleges throughout the United States about alcohol and drug abuse. Our plan placed him in the corresponding media in every town where he spoke. As a result, Haveson gave more than 200 media, broadcast and print interviews. Today, HERO House is firmly established on both coasts and is recognized as a one-of-a-kind treatment solution for college students suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.