“From start to finish, working with Strategic Vision was an awesome experience.  They took the time to fully understand my books and gave me personalized eservice that made me feel like I was their only client.  The professionalism I experienced was unparalleled but not just that, I felt like they were partners and friends in helping me succeed.  They got me over 100 radio appearances, a spot on Anderson Cooper, the New York Post, Complete Woman Magazine, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, and many more, as well as several book awards.  They exceeded my every expectation.  They truly understand how to make public relations work.”
Dr. David Eigen, Author of Men – The Gods of Love and Women – The Goddesses of Wisdom

“Strategic Vision went over and above what I expected that any public relations agency could do.  They produced fast results that not only saw a sales, their campaign attracted investors for my company and landed my products into several major retailers.”
Jennifer Cary, Jennifer Cary Designs

“Strategic Vision knocked it out of the ballpark for HandTrux getting us featured on Fox & friends’ Made in America segment.  The visibility that hit got us, brought in sales and investors.”
Ernest van den Heuvel – HandTrux

“Outstanding work!  I could not have asked for a better PR team than Strategic Vision for my first book, Recompense.  They exceeded every expectation I had.  From a two page spread in the Baltimore Sun to television and radio interviews, and award nominations, Strategic Vision did it all.  Not only that, they cared.  They were with me the entire time and always in contact with me on updates and ideas.  They are the best!”
Joyce Hammock, author of Recompense.

“I had never worked with a public relations agency before and did not know what to expect.  Strategic Vision started producing results for me, the very day that I signed a contract with them.  The number of interviews I have received have exceeded anything that I had imagined.  Their reach and connections are incredible.  They had me appearing in everything from The Sean Hannity Show, Business News Network, CNBC, Prevention Magazine, NPR, FOX News Channel, Chicago Tribune, to leading blogs.  All of this has been a testament to their contacts and expertise.  Not only do they understand public relations but they understand customer service and go the extra mile for their clients.”
Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO of the Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking (NAMED) program, and author of “What Matters” and “The Green Box League of Nutritious Justice”

“Wow! I am very impressed with their work and will continue to work with them for years to come. Within 2 weeks they had me on CNN radio and CNN Headline News. In the first month I did over a dozen radio interviews, some were nationally syndicated. I would recommend them VERY highly!”
Randy Haveson, Hero House

“Everything is due to you guys.  You made Tormented Without A Trace what it is today.  I have worked with other PR agencies but none ever delivered the results or gave me the personalized attention that you did.”
Valerie Clark, author of “Tormented Without A Trace”

“Professional, cost-effective PR, and most importantly–gets results! Great service too. Actually went beyond my expectations, in a timely manner. Highly recommended.”
 Kitty Kavey, Secret Visions Productions

“I hired Strategic Vision as my PR agency. They were the best at getting me numerous interviews on national TV, radio and online media venues. I enjoyed working with them and they were ALWAYS customer focused. I was new to media interviews, so they provided me with media training and ideas to think outside the box that I continue to use now and I am sure for many years to come. I would highly recommend Strategic Vision.”
Kristina Coia, author of “Lymeria” and “Falcon’s Prey”, founder of Shine Through

“Super good work. They did media training for me and got me some good gigs on radio and print, even television. Very few firms deliver this way and they have delivered. Plan to work with them for a long time. I highly recommend.”
Richard Geller, Breathing Remedy

“I highly recommend Strategic Vision, they kept the interviews and signings coming.  I am coming back to Strategic Vision for my next book.”
Paul Yarbourgh, author of “Mississippi Ghosts”

“I am delighted by the professionalism, warm relationships – and success in the media that Strategic Vision brought to Summa Securities.  You exceeded all expectations that I had about a PR agency when I hired you.  I couldn’t believe it when within a week you had me on CNN.”
David Konits, Suma Securities, LLC

“Strategic Vision has the reach, contacts and power to grow a business with public relations. As my PR agency they give 100% with every PR campaign we put forth.”
 Amanda Brown, Amanda’s Big Worldwide Adventure and creator of Playing the Field board game

“Great and fast work!”
William Pierce, Big Brothers and Big Sisters

“An Ordinary Journey, A Users Guide to Healing From the Abuses of SEX, DRUGS, ROCK ‘n ROLL and ATTEMPTED MURDER would never have gotten off the ground, nor would I be Hosting my own live TV SHOW every Thursday night if it had not been for Strategic Vision and their PR efforts. Thank you to everyone at Strategic Vision for sharing my journey.”
Leigh Thomas, Author and TV Show Host

“You got my message out.  From the moment I signed with you I felt at peace knowing I was in sure hands and that not only did you have the expertise to get me exposure but you understood my book and message.  You took more time than I imagined to hold my hand and guide me the entire way.”
Paul Corson, author of “Touched by God”

“Without you and your guidance, we could not have succeeded.  Because of you, everything we were targeted and won.”
Joanne Bartell, Friends of Citrus County

“I didn’t believe it when you said my book and message would be one to get national coverage.  You were right and I was wrong, you did it. You got me on FOX Business.”
Jim Thomas, author of “Integrity: The Indispensable Element”

“Strategic Vision spent extra time with me to ensure I had the best resources possible for my campaigns.”
JLTA Entertainment

“You got me more coverage than my publisher thought I could obtain and more than I got when I initially just worked with them.  All the coverage I got is due to you.”
Anthony Silard, author of “The Connection” (Beyond Words Publishing)

“Guess what? This morning I had my first Tv interview, LIVE! What a rush… I Spoke with Kelly on the Good Day America show, on WFXL TV, the FOX TV affiliate in Albany, Georgia. She asked me about exercise for pregnant women and for new mothers. Thanks to Dr. Abi Aad, OBGYN, who studied in Paris and the Middle East and has over 25 years of experience, I was able to answer all her questions. According to producer Clay, people were emailing the station and asking for more information. I so enjoyed this interview! Thank you so much for having me, thank you to the viewers! Thanks Strategic Vision for arranging the interview and thank you David Johnson for coaching me.”
Racha Zeidan, author of “Great Body, No Diet”

“May I just say that if you are an author and you are looking to hire a publicist to generate publicity for your book, you should hire Strategic Vision. They are making me put my spiritual money where my spiritual mouth is-most recently I was a guest with Coach & Joel on “The Morning Break Sports Show”, on AM1240 and AM1470 in Chicago.”
J.M. Norwood, author of “The Twelfth Window”

“Strategic Vision is an excellent company. I highly recommend them.”
Rob Jewett, Absolute Fitness

“Highly recommended.  Will continue with them in the near future. They were phenomenal and they understood me and my book, fantastic results.”
Aryella Jupiter, author of “The Truth About Angels”