Black Friday Branding Blunders

The Friday after Thanksgiving has been branded Black Friday in the public’s consciousness for years as an integral part of the traditional holiday season as the Macy’s Day Parade, Santa Claus, and Thanksgiving.  For decades it has signaled the start of the holiday season for retailers with a strong Black Friday signaling strong holiday sales ..

Starbucks Red Cup Controversy? A Publicity Score!

Unless a person has been totally hidden from social media or traditional media, they know that Starbucks has unveiled its Christmas season cup. The cup is plain red with the Starbucks logo emblazoned on it. The company kept it simple with the traditional colors of the season in an effort to foster inclusiveness and diversity ..

Motivation Publishing – DecideBetter!

Motivation Publishing was launching their DecideBetter! decision-making series books and sought to penetrate the book market with brand identity to spur readers to seek out the books.  Further, Motivation Publishing wanted McGrath branded in the public’s consciousness as the decision guru.  The book series consisted of three books with different target audiences. DecideBetter! For A ..

Marketing Is Real Time: Don’t Overlook Social Media

Social media drives narratives. It is becoming the new way that brands reach consumers. An active social media presence is essential for any brand. Brands do shout outs on Twitter and Facebook when they are referred too. Yet one brand had a missed opportunity – Eveready/Energizer batteries. In the Republican presidential debate, candidates were asked ..

Arby’s: A Case Of Crisis Management and Potential Opportunity

Sometimes a public relations crisis can also be an opportunity if managed correctly. The fast food chain, Arby’s has been presented with such a situation. But so far, Arby’s has failed to turn a public relations crisis into a gain. Arby’s has been under attack ever since the story of how one of their employees ..

One can win in the court of law but still lose in the court of public opinion. We have just seen this with New England Quarterback Tom Brady. A federal judge threw out the NFL’s four game suspension of Brady for his involvement in ‘deflategate’ last season during the playoffs. In case you forgot, ‘deflatgate; ..

CellAntenna Corporation

CellAntenna Corporation sought to bring greater awareness of the danger of prisoners using illegal cell phones while incarcerated and how the company provided a cost-efficient solution to this mounting danger to public safety through its cell phone jamming device, CJAM-CPC which currently is prohibited in the United States due to legislation enacted during the 1930s ..

Less than one percent of small and medium size businesses have a public relations strategy. The challenge is that many businesses simply do not understand what public relations actually is and what it will do for them in terms of business growth and branding. Many business owners and executives equate public relations component with paid ..

Jared Fogle has probably eaten his last Subway sandwich for a long time to come. If the restaurant chain has anything to do with it, Fogle will never step foot into another Subway ever again. Fogle who served as Subway’s public face for 15 years pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. Federal prosecutors said Fogle ..

Friends Of Citrus County

The Friends of Citrus County sought a public education campaign in regard to government policies in Citrus County, Fla., regarding growth and tax policies. The group of community and business leaders sought to influence policymakers to develop pro-growth and tax policies in the county. Strategic Vision PR Group developed and implemented a public education and ..