When a crisis hits, a brand wants to respond quickly, sincerely in addressing the crisis and demonstrate how they are working to ensure that what happened will not occur in the future. For example, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the issue of domestic abuse among NFL players within days of the media firestorm and announced ..

Planned Parenthood is in a crisis mode and attempting to launch a public relations counterattack after an undercover video surfaced that seems to indicate that the organization sells fetal tissue from abortions to researchers for a profit. Such action if true would be illegal. The video was released by the Center for Medical Progress on ..

Kristina Coia

Fifteen-year old, Kristina Coia was the author of the fantasy books, “Lymeria” and “Falcon’s Prey”. She also is the founder of the “Shine Through”, a character development program designed for girls in grades K to 8.  Kristina was seeking to create a public awareness of her books and Shine Through.  Particularly, she sought national media ..

Many brands base their marketing and publicity strategies on a public spokesperson.  Lincoln has Matthew McConaughey.  Priceline has William Shatner of Star Trek fame.  Wendy’s used its CEO, Dave Thomas before his death.  Men’s Warehouse used its founder, George Zimmer until he was ousted from the company.  Very often the brand becomes identified with its ..

Since announcing for president, billionaire businessman, Donald Trump has catapulted in many of the polls to second place as the Republicans’ choice for the Republican nomination.  Much of this momentum has been based upon his remarks regarding illegal immigration from Mexico.  When announcing for president, Trump addressed the red button issue of illegal immigration by ..

Social media drives narratives.  This cannot be stated enough.  Yet despite the power of social media and brands realizing its importance, they forget about its power and potential to create a crisis.  Very often their social media strategy does not reflect their tradition public relations strategy. A case in point was celebrity chef, Paula Deen.  ..

NBC Universal finally said to Donald Trump, “ you are fired”.  The action came as pressure was mounting on the network to sever all ties with the businessman/reality television star/Republican presidential candidate after he called for a great wall to be built in order to stop illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States.  In his ..