Rachel Dolezal, the President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announced that she was resigning her post following revelations that she has been lying about her race, claiming she is African-American when she is indeed white. She is under investigation in Spokane that she lied ..


Kelly Jean Beard, while she was an attorney at Meadows, Ichter & Trigg (now Balch & Bingham), sought to establish a networking group for female professionals in the Atlanta area as an alternative to traditional networking organizations. It would include chief executive officers, chief financial officers and business owners.. The purpose of this organization was ..

Several of the cardinal rules in crisis communications are – always have a plan and prepare for any scenario. Yet time and again, we see organizations, brands, and celebrities forgetting those rules. The latest example of this is the scandal involving Josh Duggar of TLC’s hit show, “19 Kids and Counting”. When dealing with reality ..


TenTonToys, a division of Evergreenriver, was introducing the new toy HANDTRUX® Backhoe.  The HANDTRUX® Backhoe model is a unique sandbox sized dirt machine that looks and works just like the Big Iron and with the patented “handraulic” power-grip hidden inside each machine.  The company wanted to create a public awareness and also attract investors for ..

For the NFL, 2014 was a year of crisis after crisis. The League and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came under heavy scrutiny and criticism for failing to punish key NFL players guilty of domestic violence. Two thousand and fifteen started with many questioning the integrity of the game when it was discovered that the New ..

Hero House

HERO House was a new concept that had been developed and was being launched by Randy Haveson, a leading speaker and an alcohol and drug counselor for college students. The concept was unique — to develop a “Betty Ford Center” for college students suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  HERO House was designed strictly for ..

The wait is over. Hillary Clinton announced via YouTube and Twitter what everyone already knew. She is running for president. Her candidacy presents both opportunity and challenges from a public relations and branding perspective. Hillary Clinton launched her campaign with a rebranding effort. Taking a page out of Richard Nixon’s playbook, she is introducing the ..

Hillary Clinton has been the presumed Democratic nominee for President in 2016 since the last ballots were cast in 2012.  Polls showed her miles ahead of all potential Democratic rivals in 2016.  In fact so assumed is her nomination in 2016, should anything happen to her, the Democratic Party has no real viable plan B ..

Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute

The Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute is a nonprofit that provides emergency preparedness training for first responders, businesses, and educational institutions through training seminars, books, and webinars. The organization sought to create public awareness of the institute’s purpose, target key audiences, and make some of its product offerings known to consumers. Strategic Vision PR Group developed ..