The Challenge

The Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute is a nonprofit that provides emergency preparedness training for first responders, businesses, and educational institutions through training seminars, books, and webinars. The organization sought to create public awareness of the institute’s purpose, target key audiences, and make some of its product offerings known to consumers.

The Solution

Strategic Vision PR Group developed and implemented an overall public relations campaign with those objectives key to the campaign’s success. Key components of the public relations campaign were:

  1. Media relations
  2. Speaking engagements

The Results

Strategic Vision PR Group executed a media campaign that placed the institute’s founder and executive director on key media outlets to discuss holiday preparedness tips, hurricane preparedness, terrorism response, earthquake response, and other natural disasters. The institute was featured on MSNBC, FOX News Channel, CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, The Miami Herald, the Orlando Sentinel, ABC News Radio, CBS MarketWatch, the Kansas City Business Journal, Disney, American Fitness magazine, Healthcare Traveler magazine, the Sun Sentinel, The Baltimore Sun, the Auburn Journal, Lowe’s ProServices, Scripps Howard News Service, and in more than 300 radio interviews. The agency also placed editorials by the executive director in leading newspapers and magazines across the country, including the Providence Journal, the Arizona Daily Star, the Arizona Daily Sun, the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Sacramento Business Journal, and The Palm Beach Post.

In addition, Strategic Vision PR Group placed the executive director as a keynote speaker at the Iowa Homeland Security Conference and the Wisconsin Homeland Security Conference.

As a result of our public relations campaign, the Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute was branded as the go-to place for emergency preparedness training and was retained by FedEx Corp. for its preparedness training.