The Challenge

CellAntenna Corporation sought to bring greater awareness of the danger of prisoners using illegal cell phones while incarcerated and how the company provided a cost-efficient solution to this mounting danger to public safety through its cell phone jamming device, CJAM-CPC which currently is prohibited in the United States due to legislation enacted during the 1930s and all because of intense opposition by the cell phone industry.

The Solution

Strategic Vision PR Group developed a comprehensive public relations strategy to bring greater public awareness of the issue of illegal cell phone usage in prisons.


This campaign comprised of a three prong approach:

  1. A media campaign designed to educate the public about the increasing menace of dangerous criminals still being able to conduct criminal operations while in prison due to the use of illegal cell phones that are smuggled into prisons.  The media campaign also brought to light how current efforts by law enforcement to intercept and stop cell phones from being smuggled into the nation’s prisons and then used by prisoners was failing and the high cost it takes on taxpayers.  The solution was cell phone jamming through CellAntenna’s CJAM-CPC.
  2. Meetings with federal legislators, state legislators, and law enforcement officers to fully explain the problem and the cost to taxpayers in not allowing cell phone jamming in prisons.
  3. A demonstration of the CJAM-CPC at a South Carolina correctional facility to show conclusively how it could block cell phone use by prisoners before state lawmakers, federal officials, law enforcement, and members of the media.

The Results

Strategic Vision PR Group obtained media coverage for CellAntenna and the issue of cell phones in prisons and its product CJAM-CPC on the Today Show, BBC,  CBC, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Houston Chronicle, Austin Statesman, Dallas Morning News, PC World, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, Corrections News, Kansas City Star, Associated Press, The State, Post Courier, Reuters, CNNRadio, ABC Radio news, and countless radio stations worldwide.