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The book world has changed dramatically. Self-publishing and e-books, in addition to traditional publishers, mean thousands of books are published every month.

That is where Strategic Vision PR Group comes in. Our team understands how to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that encompasses both traditional media and branding, as well as social media. Each campaign is custom designed. We love books and understand the book industry.

Strategic Vision PR Group has implemented hundreds of book campaigns since its founding. Our team understands today’s 24/7 news cycle and social media world and this gives our authors an edge. From television and radio interviews to book reviews to speaking engagements to social media, our book PR campaigns develop a brand, attract readers and create a national presence.

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  • Service: Unparalleled client communication
  • Reputation: The Strategic Vision PR name and reputation opens doors to media
  • Media Contacts: Local, regional, national and international media options


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