Hispanic Marketing Is Essential To Companies

Spanish-language outreach is an essential component of public relations.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population increased 5 percent from 2000 to 2010, while the non-Hispanic population increased only 2 percent. Because the Hispanic population is fast-growing, relatively young and has larger households, they can potentially be more vital to future growth in consumer spending. According to 2013 Nielsen Universe, Hispanics are more likely to be involved in the up-and-coming “best years of economic influence and acquisition.”

However, many companies fail to include the Hispanic market when discussing who their target audience should be. This could be due to language barriers or lack of information, but this audience should not be ignored. Even as many Hispanics are bilingual, they may appreciate and respond better to companies who make the effort to communicate to them in Spanish. For example, if a company were to have a Spanish-speaking spokesperson for interviews and community events, Hispanics may better relate and feel like their concerns are being met.

Targeting the Hispanic population can positively influence brand awareness and companies ignore this market at their own peril. Open your mind and expand your marketing outreach by directing more attention to the Hispanic population.

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