Technology is changing the way we consume books, magazines, newspapers and what is starting to seem like all of the pages in our lives. Some of these changes are making people nervous about the future, but if you take the time to educate yourself and become aware of exactly what’s happening, the future will start to seem less daunting.

Here are 3 ways to stay in the loop:

Keep your Eye on Amazon

There are varying opinions about how Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, is affecting the publishing world and how advantageous it will continue to be for new authors.

There are many factors to consider with Amazon, so do your research. Find out what the current advantages and disadvantages might be for your book. If you play your cards right, it can be a huge success.

Take, for example, the introduction of KDP to the Indian market here. This introduction is opening doors for Indian authors to publish on Amazon and gain access to international markets.

Look Again at your Libraries

Librarians are some of the friendliest and some of our favorite people out there. They help us curate book collections and are always a wealth of information. So, what’s the latest from them?

Well, print acquisition is still alive and well, but managing eBook lending is something that takes some adjustment.

PubWest and Library Journal are hosting an event that dives deeper into the subject in Denver, CO on September 13th. If you’re in the area and want the latest on state-of-the art library practices, check out The Content Conundrum: The Changing Face of Library Acquisitions.

Go to Popular Conferences

There are great conferences all over the world that are teaching us great things about the future of publishing, social media, content, technology and anything else you might feel is will influence the environment in which you work.

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