What To Look For When Using A PR Agency For Public Affairs

More and more businesses are realizing the massive impact that public policies and regulations have on their operations.  The idea of public affairs programs is no longer just for Fortune 500 companies.   Many medium sized businesses realize that they need a public affairs/government relations program in their operating budget.  That is why many companies are looking at public relations agencies that also have a public affairs practice to help in seamless communications and strategies.

When doing this there are several things a company should require of their public relations/public affairs agency:

  1. Understands the process and players. Quite simply does the firm you are utilizing have a strong knowledge of the process that laws are made, at the state, county, and city level?  Do they know who key decision makers and policymakers are?  Without a through knowledge of the process and the key players, any public affairs initiative is doomed.
  1. Is effective at communicating in a passionate and substantive way.  Does your firm know how to take complex political and legislative issues and communicate them in an emotional way that will sway hearts and minds of voters and lawmakers.  That is essential in winning public support and influencing key policymakers.
  1. It is fast and agile. Today’s political and governmental arena can change dramatically within a moment’s notice. The firm any company selects must understand that and be able to pivot within minutes.
  1. Knows the medium to get the message out to reach the key players. The agency should know which mediums are most effective for communicating with various parties and individuals. They should be able to cut through the noise. The firm you hire should have a knowledge of how key members of the Legislature receive their news and information. They should know what particular programming key members enjoy — if they watch MSNBC every night or never miss an episode of Game of Thrones.

Influencing public policy means more than just talking in fast soundbites and making a few donations.  For businesses that want to have their voices heard when policy is debated and laws are made, it means utilizing a firm that can get the job done and make a positive impact for their client.  That is where companies like Strategic Vision PR Group come in.

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