The Challenge

Mandy And Pandy was a start-up company with a children’s book series that taught children Chinese and also had an accompanying toy line of stuffed animals that were based upon the book series. The challenge was to create a buzz that would attract investors to the series, develop a loyal following among parents, and be used as an educational resource. The series was launched during a period when several similar concepts were being launched to tap into the growing desire of parents to teach their children at an early age Chinese to make them competitive in the global market when they reach adulthood.

The Solution

Strategic Vision PR Group developed a creative theme to draw media attention for the series, while also targeting the investor market.

The Results

The agency launched the campaign at Toy Fair 2009 on the east coast and at BookExpo America on the west coast. The theme was that Mandy And Pandy was the fun educational way to learn Chinese that children would have fun with while learning. Bed Baths & Beyond and Barnes & Noble opted to carry the line.

Strategic Vision PR Group obtained media coverage for Mandy And Pandy in the following media outlets at the launch party: Cookie Magazine, New York Post, New York Daily News, Newark Star-Ledger, Good Morning New York, WGN, Beat Street, Baby & Kids Magazine, Bear Tracks, WWOR, Royalties Magazine, Bloom Report, Bloomberg Pursuits, Associated Press, California Parent, Long Island Parent, ABC Radio News, Detroit News, and local television in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, and San Diego.

 Mandy And Pandy secured investor funding and partnered with Language Stars, a national education program that teaches Mandarin Chinese for children ages 1-10.