Three Truths For Successful Entertainment PR

Whether you are an actor, filmmaker, musician, or something else entirely there are certain factors about public relations that are true for everyone.  Remembering these truths are critical to your entertainment PR success.

They are:

  1. Powerful Stories Attract Media Attention. A strong and powerful story will always attract the interest of a reporter. It is all about uncovering the right angle to interest the reporter.  Remember, what attracts one reporter might not interest another.  So various angles are needed.   For example, if you’re directing an indie horror film that is premiering at a film festival, plan to approach a press outlet that covers the horror genre with a different angle than a local film reporter in the city where the festival is taking place. Each of these reporters will have an interest in your story idea; just keep in mind the angle in which they will have an interest in your film and their audience will be different.
  1. Timing Is Everything. It’s no coincidence that entertainment reporters write stories related to the release of a project be it a film or music album. They like stories about fresh, upcoming projects that their audiences will be able to watch or hear in the near future. Another timing consideration is – urgency.  Reporters are always on deadline and under pressure to cover stories that have some built-in urgency. It’s a story that has an implied expiration date and often relates to a when a project is premiering, screening, or happening.
  1. Doing Nothing Doesn’t Work. Although there are no guarantees for coverage when it comes to public relations, doing nothing means that you will get nothing.  You can have the best film or CD ever but if nothing is being done to promote it, nobody will know it exists. Being pro-active is the surest way to build buzz. You don’t have to be an Academy Award winner to capitalize on your successes. Start searching online for reporters, bloggers, and others who cover similar projects to the ones you’re involved with — they’re out there.

If you keep these 3 simple truths in mind, your public relations campaign will be heading in the right direction.  You have worked hard and now it’s time for the world to know.