Advice For Celebrities In A Crisis

Sooner or later sports stars and entertainment celebrities are going to have to deal with a crisis.  Some embarrassing media report will come out or an inopportune social media post will take off.  The key to preventing them, dealing with them if they arise, and not letting them affect your career is to have a plan in place.

So what is recommended?

  1. Have A Strategy In Place Beforehand. A major mistake many celebrities make is not having a strategy in place to deal with a negative story or crisis.  Failing to have a strategy in place can make what would have been a minor story become a major one with dire consequences to your career.
  2. You Are Not Going To Please Everyone. Celebrities never want to disappoint their fans.  Yet when an embarrassing scandal comes out or negative story arises, someone will be offended.  You need to remember this.
  3. Use Caution In Your Public Statements And Social Media Posts. Be careful with things you say in public and post online.  Remember even if you delete something online it never disappears.  The media will be eager to jump on things that appear questionable.  The best thing to do is play it safe.
  4. Learn From Others. Remember other celebrities have had embarrassing moments and scandals.  Learn how they dealt with them.
  5. Don’t Be Overconfident. Many celebrities whether in the entertainment or sports industry believe when things are going good nothing bad can ever happen.  Don’t get into that mentality.  Nothing stays perfect forever.
  6. Have A Strong Support network. A strong support network is critical in your career.  You don’t need fair weather friends and associates who will bail on you the moment something bad happens.  Friends, associates, and family are critical when a crisis happens.  Far too often a celebrity will find them self alone during a crisis when they need a support network the most.
  7. Be Honest. When an embarrassing moment or crisis happens, address the issue honestly.  This will go a long way in ending the crisis.  An honest and heartfelt apology often defuses a celebrity crisis before it becomes career ending.

A crisis may never happen but having a strategy in place is the best way to prevent one from derailing your celebrity career.  You have worked hard to become a celebrity and that is why it essential to protect your reputation.