What A Successful Author Website Needs

In today’s book world if you don’t have an author website you don’t exist.  Author websites are a critical component of successful book marketing and publicity.  After people hear about an author or a book, the first place they turn for more information is the internet looking for the author’s website.

So what should a successful author website have?

  1. An about the author page. Whether it is your first book or just one of many, the website helps brand you as an author.  You need a page devoted to telling readers who you are.  Make the page stand out.  Don’t have just a regular bio page.  Offer insight on what drives your passion as a writer and offer some interesting and unique tidbits about yourself.
  2. An about the book page. People are seeking your page out because they heard about the book(s).  Make sure that you have a page on your website that offers information about your book(s).  This page should also include links to where people can purchase the book(s), such as Amazon or your publisher.
  3. A contact page. This page should be used as a place where readers can communicate with you and sign up so that you can email them updates of future appearances or promotions for the book(s).
  4. An events page. This page should be a calendar of events that you are doing to promote the book(s).  It should include all upcoming book signings, speeches, and media appearances.

An author website is essential to successful book promotion.  Without a website it is like you have written the greatest book in the world and then never published it.