Everyone wants media coverage. Here are some tips on how to attract media interest:

1. Make a list of all the stories you have to tell: This is the stuff you wish journalists would write about.

2. Put your journalist hat on and write the stories yourself: Use the inverted pyramid style of writing and answer the questions who, what, why, when, where, and how in your first couple of paragraphs.

3. Do keyword research: And consider writing posts related to what your target audiences are searching for.

4. Balance your blog content: Strike a balance between what people are searching for and what you want to communicate. Make your mission in life to be the best blog on the subject matter that is most important to your organization’s business; this is the stuff you should know the most about.

5. Write about it frequently: Good inbound media relations is about quality and quantity; of course, you have to be relevant, too.

6. Monitor, measure, and learn from your audience: They’ll love some of your content, and they’ll hate some of it—write more of the stuff they love. Take note of the things your readers search to find your content (Google Analytics will help you here); write more of that stuff. Also take note of the stuff they’re searching for (or commenting about) that you haven’t written about yet. Your resources will be Google Site Search via Google Analytics and monitoring your blog comments.

7. Continue to build your audience: Do so through subscriptions and a high-level of “touch” across your community.

8. Make it easy for journalists and bloggers to reach you: And make it easy to request interviews and quotes and to include you in their stories.

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