Book PR 101 – Elements of the Book PR Plan

Book Reviews

  • Third party reviews of your book
  • Take between 4 to 12 weeks

Types of Reviews

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Online outlets – Armchair Reviews, Midwest Book Review
  • Paid reviews – Kirkus Review

Types of Media Interviews


  • –Newspaper
  • –Magazine
  • –Wire Service




Media interviews are third party endorsements

Logos and interviews can be used in promotional material

How To Get The Interview And What To Remember During The Interview

  • Tie your book to a news story so you can be quoted or interviewed as an expert with a media pitch
  • The media often looks for the story behind the story – reason why the author wrote the book
  • You are trying to reach the audience
  • Most reporters are not experts on the subject

What Is A Media Pitch?

  • Is usually two paragraphs
  • First paragraph outlines a story with questions that can be answered by the author
  • Second paragraph gives the author’s background and how they can answer the questions posed in the first paragraph
  • Is basically the story for the reporter

Sample Media Pitch

The online retailer, Amazon has long seemed like the 900 pound gorilla. It continues to grow stronger and bigger forcing publishers to bend to its will. It even jumped into the development of a Smartphone this summer. Yet despite this, the company isn’t meeting profit forecasts. The publisher Hachette is embroiled in a titanic battle with Amazon over the price of e-books. A group of authors are seeking to persuade Amazon to stop withholding books from sale when it negotiates with publishers. Amazon evidently felt heat from this group Wal-Mart is seeking to take on Amazon with a newly designed and revamped website. Amazon began fighting back this weekend by forming a group Readers United to pressure Hachette, the nation’s fourth-biggest book publisher, in its dispute with Amazon over the price of e-book. Adding to Amazon’s woes is Wal-Mart that is seeking to take on Amazon with a newly designed and revamped website. Has Amazon gotten too big? Is it trying to do too much? Could it be headed towards a fall?

Able to discuss this and more is Kevin Paul Scott, co-founder of ADDO Worldwide and author of the book, 8 Essential Exchanges. Mr. Scott says that Amazon is being pulled in too many different directions. It is trying to be everything instead of doing what it does best. He says competitors sense blood in the water and that unless Amazon changes direction it could be headed towards a fall. He has appeared on CNBC and FOX Business Network for his expertise. Would you be interested in interviewing him on this?

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