How To Make Rebranding A Success

At some point nearly every company undergoes rebranding.  It can be a challenging and exciting time for a company.  It indicates the end of one chapter for the company and the start of a new one.  Yet if is not done correctly it can cause some damage from customers wondering if the company is in crisis or wondering if the rebrand means changes to their favorite products and services.

So how should a company rebrand successfully?

  • Communicate internally.  Most rebranding is done with the thought of how the public will react but often overlooked is how employees will react.  Often employees are the last to know about the rebranding and many question what will happen next – could they lose their jobs due to the rebranding.  Such employee uncertainty can lead to low morale and some employees leaving the company.  That is why employees should be informed about the rebranding efforts first.  Communicate to the employees why the rebranding is happening and what it means for them.  Assure them of the company’s stability.  This prevents much confusion and anxiety when the rebranding occurs.
  • Be creative. Rebranding is the perfect time to be innovative and creative.  You want to create the image that the rebrand is not merely a change but a better and improved company.
  • Communicate to your external audiences. Just as it is critical to communicate the rebranding to employees, it is just as critical to explain fully to external audiences (customers, vendors, and the media) why the company is rebranding and how the rebranding means better service and products.

With a rebrand a company has only one chance to make that great first impression.  That is why it is essential it be done right.