Tips on Maximizing A Television Interview

Television interviews are a key component of any successful media relations and publicity campaign.  Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and authors all know the power of television.  Being featured on air as an expert is an excellent way to develop a following and earn instant credibility with target audiences.  Yet there is much more that can be done with a television interview that is often overlooked.  Done correctly one television interview can be used for years of branding and marketing.

So what are some things that are overlooked with television interviews?

  1. Promoting the interview before it airs. The key to a successful television interview isn’t just the interview itself but reaching target audiences.  Many people forget to alert followers on social media and their email lists that they have an upcoming television interview so many of the people that the person wants to reach may be unaware of the interview.
  2. Promoting the interview after it airs. The interview has aired and the person aced it but the question is what now?  The answer is obtain a copy of the interview and post it on social media and on the company or author webpage.  Share it so others can see it.
  3. Do a screenshot. Being interviewed gives instant credibility.  Get a screenshot of the interview and use that in promotional material.
  4. Use logos. People are visual people.  After being interviewed, use the station or network logo in material saying has appeared on.  This is a powerful visual and reinforces the third party endorsement of the television interview.
  5. Mention television appearances when booking speaking engagements. The fact that a person has appeared on television makes them more desirable as a guest speaker.

Television interviews are powerful tools in any public relations campaign.  It can be even more powerful if it is maximized for use in post-interview publicity.

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