Tips on Acing A Media Interview

Everyone knows that media interviews are essential for any successful public relations campaign. A single appearance on The Today Show, a story in a key trade journal, or mention in The Wall Street Journal can help generate sales and increase brand identity. Yet to ace an interview and see results requires preparation.

So what are some key things to do before that big interview?

  1. Have a plan. What would you like to see in the resulting media coverage? What two or three key messages do you want to relay? Who are you trying to reach? Having a plan allows you to control the interview. It also means that you are more likely to see results.
  2. Have no more than 3 major points that you want to convey. Remember with television especially your interview may be edited and on live television you have limited time. Make it count by getting your major key points across. If you have more than 3 you will lose the audience attention.
  3. Use charm with the reporters and support personnel. Producers, support staff and camera crews all deserve to be recognized. These people work with the reporters day and night and are often overlooked by those being interviewed. Never forget them. They have influence on how a story turns out.
  4. Don’t be bashful in working your company, book, or product name into your answer. That is part of the reason you are being interviewed and why you want to be interviewed. – exposure. Maximize it.
  5. Avoid answering a question with no comment. Nothing makes a person doing an interview look like they are hiding something than answering with no comment. If you don’t know an answer admit it diplomatically and promise to get the answer.
  6. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

Success as in business or any endeavor requires practice and having a plan. The same holds for successful interviews.

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