Crisis Communications

What is Crisis Communications?

  • Is designed to protect and defend the reputation of a company, individual or organization that is facing a challenge to its reputation
  • Crisis communications arises from an investigation, lawsuit, scandal, blog attack, or any number of scenarios involving legal, ethical, and personal allegations

Most Common Mistakes in Crisis Communications

  • Not having a crisis communications plan in place
  • Not recognizing a potential public relations crisis
  • Belief that you can ignore it and it will go away
  • Belief that the crisis has gone away after the initial response
  • Overlooking the 24/7 news cycle and the power of blogs

Getting in Front of a Crisis

  • Recognize the crisis
  • Go on the offensive – get all the information out at once
  • Press conferences
  • Selected media interviews
  • Carefully plan how to respond
  • Understand and consider the new media
  • Monitor blogs

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