Game of Thrones – Lessons in Being a Successful Spokesperson

The watch is over.  HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ ended its run this past Sunday.  Many people are discussing the political and leadership lessons that can be drawn from the various characters on the show.  But there are also communications lessons that can be drawn from one of the characters that can be used for spokespersons ..

Communications Lessons From Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher left behind three keys in being a successful communicator whether you are business or politics: 1. Be Yourself When British politicians were struggling to appeal to their party base, Margaret Thatcher was comparing state finance to her household budget. People know when you are being real with them rather than just trying to ..

There has always been this belief that great communicators—writers, actors, or presenters of any sort—are simply born with their outrageous skills. The right words simply jump from their lips with no effort. Their work is hardly work at all. In truth, communicating well is a skill that takes training, practice, and hard work. The better ..