In today’s media environment, delivering information in a concise manner can be the difference between a featured mention and obscurity. The ultimate example is turning a 500-word press release into a 140 character tweet.

Here are four tips to help you do it successfully:
1.Don’t just repeat the headline. Though tempting to use, press release headlines don’t always tell the whole story when seen outside the context of the press release.
2.Post the release elsewhere. By linking to a copy of the release posted on a company press site or even on a document sharing site, you can focus the tweet on sparking your audience’s curiosity.
3.Ask a question and make the release the answer. Since Twitter is a conversation, summarize the release into the question it answers, then use that question as the tweet. Example: How are #auto dealers going to reach users through social media in 2013? @XYZCorp debuts new product that helps – [LINK] 4.Assume you only have 120 characters. Even with Twitter’s re-tweet function, most users prefer have a little room to add their own hashtag or comment when they pass on a tweet. Assume you only have 120 characters and you’ll help to increase the likelihood of amplifying your message.

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