Essential Tips For Successful Satellite Media Interviews

Reaching key audiences is essential for any successful media campaign.  Television– particularly for authors, celebrities, and athletes – is the best way to reach target audiences.  More and more this is being done via satellite media interviews (SMT).  These interviews via satellite allow the author, athlete, or celebrity to do an interview on local television affiliates across the country.  The beauty of satellite media interviews is that they can be done back to back meaning within one morning, a person may have reached all the key media markets in the Unites States.

As with anything, a successful satellite media interview requires work.  Here are some pointers to ensure success:

  1. Review the set and clothing options. You have control over the appearance of the set and how you want it to look.  And of course, you want your clothing to blend in and look good with the setting you select.
  2. Tour the set the day before to make yourself familiar with the set.
  3. Try to start in smaller markets for your first interviews in the morning to work out any kinks before hitting the major markets like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.
  4. Promote the satellite media interviews on your social media.
  5. Have someone take photos of you during the satellite media interviews for use on social media.
  6. Be energized.
  7. Don’t forget to mention what you are promoting during the interview.

Satellite media interviews allow you to reach millions of viewers that may not be tuning into the networks and cable channels.  They create additional buzz to the national campaign and are critical for branding success.