Here’s a quick snapshot of counsel we often provide: 1.Create value, not lip service. If you don’t want to donate money to a local or national relief organization following a disaster, make sure the response is authentic to your brand. A good example of positive “branded” responses that created real value for victims vs. empty ..

The lack of brand discipline is something we notice often when we work with small businesses. It can be very damaging. Exposure of a consistent brand is essential to building name recognition. To achieve it, companies need image guidelines that all of their employees follow; these must include a company font to be used on ..

As the Hispanic population continues to boom (50.5 million or 16.3% of the total U.S. population), this young, upwardly mobile, ethnically diverse audience is flocking to the Web for communication and entertainment. • Two-thirds of online Hispanics use social networking sites, a level that’s slightly above the average general market rate. • Hispanic social media ..

The cultural mosaic of the United States has never been more intricate. Varied cultural groups — many in their second and third generation — continuously blending together, maintaining and discarding various aspects of their own heritage while adopting, adapting and integrating different aspects of the new one that surrounds them. U.S. Hispanics are no exception. ..

Coming up with messaging for interactive platforms like Facebook is often an exercise in avoiding certain topics. Any post that might be viewed as irrelevant or singling out a subset of users is viewed as potential grounds for user abandonment and is immediately ruled out. Unfortunately, avoiding these types of posts also results in lost ..