Three Questions To Answer Before Launching Public Relations

Businesses leaders regardless of the size of their business know that they need public relations.  The value of public relations for brand identity cannot be stressed enough.  Nor can the value that public relations brings to marketing efforts be overstated.

When launching a public relations campaign for your business there are some basic questions you need answered before pulling the switch.

  1. What is your brand story?  You are launching a public relations program to get your brand identity and story before your target market.  It is important that you fully develop that brand story.  This means the DNA of your brand – the history, values, objectives, and what the brand should stand for with your target audience.  Remember today’s consumers want more than just the best price.  They want brands that tell a story and share their values.  Before commencing a public relations campaign, practice your brand story with employees, friends, and family.  Make sure that your social media, website, and all promotional material convey the brand story you are telling.
  2. Who is your target audience? You of course know who your clients and consumers are but in launching a public relations campaign, you want to refine your targets and have your message keyed and directed to that audience.
  3. What media outlets are best for getting your message out? Yes, The Today Show and Good Morning America get great ratings but if your target audience are investors or the business community then CNBC, Bloomberg News, or the Wall Street Journal are actually better outlets for you and your business to be in.  Knowing the media outlets that will reach your target audiences is critical.  If you don’t know them, you are just flying blind with a scattered approach that may or may not reach the audience you desire.

Public relations is essential for brand identity, assisting in marketing, and creating a strong market presence.  It sends a message to investors or potential investors of strategic thinking and an investment in your brand.  For it to be effective and successful, have the answers for these three questions answered before the start of any public relations campaign.