Does your brand need an extreme makeover? Not necessarily—Just ask the folks at Tropicana Orange Juice. After deciding that the look they’d been using for years was past the expiration date, in January they launched redesigned cartons. The look was so fresh that Tropicana’s loyal customers didn’t even recognize it. They thought it was a ..

The lack of brand discipline is something we notice often when we work with small businesses. It can be very damaging. Exposure of a consistent brand is essential to building name recognition. To achieve it, companies need image guidelines that all of their employees follow; these must include a company font to be used on ..

As a communications professional, one of your most important tasks is making sure your brand’s reputation is spotless. Long ago, this meant selling a good product and avoiding bad publicity. But that was then . . . Thanks to the Internet explosion, online brand reputation management demands so much attention, it’s become a job unto ..

Be an “expert” for the media You’ve seen the stories, where someone in your industry is quoted about something new in your field. It makes them sound like an expert – and it is great free advertising. If you want to explore that, perhaps the quickest way to establish yourself as an expert for reporters ..

Coming up with messaging for interactive platforms like Facebook is often an exercise in avoiding certain topics. Any post that might be viewed as irrelevant or singling out a subset of users is viewed as potential grounds for user abandonment and is immediately ruled out. Unfortunately, avoiding these types of posts also results in lost ..