NBC Universal finally said to Donald Trump, “ you are fired”.  The action came as pressure was mounting on the network to sever all ties with the businessman/reality television star/Republican presidential candidate after he called for a great wall to be built in order to stop illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States.  In his ..

The wait is over. Hillary Clinton announced via YouTube and Twitter what everyone already knew. She is running for president. Her candidacy presents both opportunity and challenges from a public relations and branding perspective. Hillary Clinton launched her campaign with a rebranding effort. Taking a page out of Richard Nixon’s playbook, she is introducing the ..

Paula Deen And The Lessons Of Crisis Communications

The interview that many were waiting for happened. Paula Deen appeared on the Today Show to quell the growing crisis confronting her brand. Over the past week, her crisis response to the revelation that she had used the ‘N’ word over 20 years ago was disastrous. She has lost the Food Network, long the lynchpin ..

Branding Lessons For Men’s Wearhouse

If wasn’t for Paula Deen, Men’s Wearhouse would be getting the dubious honor of how not to deal with a crisis and branding strategy gone awry. Last week without warning or explanation, Men’s Wearhouse abruptly fired their founder and company spokesperson, George Zimmer famous for the slogan “You’re going to like the way you look. ..

What can public sector agencies learn from businesses when they consider their own brands?

Major retail companies understand the link between their brand identities and their corporate success. That’s why companies like Nike, Walmart, Volvo, and Coca Cola are so protective of their brands. They have a compact with their customers and continued success depends on fulfilling their brand promise by delivering a consistent brand experience. The same is ..

JC Penney is an iconic retailer dating back 111 years, yet lately it has fallen under hard times. For years it had an unique spot in retailing between stores like Macys and Sears. Lately though it has lost that middle ground and has been unable to compete against Belks, Macy’s and Kohl’s. In a sign ..

Moms who blog wear two hats and that requires some extra effort – not just from mom bloggers, but from brands who want to engage us. Car seats, apps, even mops are all ripe for review, but mom bloggers are inundated today. Tip #1: Talk Mom-to-Mom To catch our eye, point out key features that ..