Few things strike fear in the hearts of PR pros more than an urgent email from a client requesting a time-consuming project…that’s due in two hours…with no additional budget to complete. In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the scariest things that a client could utter, along with some quick tips for avoiding ..

Google’s third quarter earnings report was released early. The report surprised investors not only because of its advanced arrival, but also because it showed lower profits than the same quarter last year. The information caused a frenzy among investors, and Google’s stock dropped by around nine percent. Google might have hoped to make headlines with ..

Public relations has become the most effective way to build a brand. Well-known brands like The Body Shop, PlayStation and Harry Potter spend little on brand-name advertising. The same is true for many entrepreneurial companies. Business owners become known in their respective fields of concentration many times through public relations and the associated media generated. ..

Robert Pattison discussing his saga with Kristen Stewart on “The Daily Show” said: “My biggest problem in my life is that I’m cheap…and I didn’t hire a publicist.” While things worked out for him or even both of them if reports are true that they have reconciled, it is still imperative that if you are ..

Here are some of the top findings from the 2012 Pew State of the Media Report that will have a great impact on anyone who intends to use public relations for the company or book. The Rise in Mobile Technology This year, Pew’s report focused on the rise of mobile technology and its potential to ..

Media placements drive public relations campaigns. And the question of quality versus quantity often comes up. For example, is it better to have five mediocre placements or one placement that hits the others out of the ballpark? The effort put into securing quality media placements will pay off far more for your business than a ..