We are often asked how press releases differ from media pitches. It seems everyone has heard of a press release and believes they need one for their public relations campaign. But beyond that they are not sure what a press release does and how it differs with a media pitch. A press release is an ..

Paula Deen: Crisis Communications Gone Wrong – A ‘Hollow’ Legal Victory

Embattled celebrity chef, Paula Deen won a welcome legal victory Monday when a federal judge dismissed the racial discrimination portion of a lawsuit against her and her brother. The sexual harassment portion remains. Yet it was Pyrrhic victory for Deen, for while she may have won in court she, has lost in the court of ..

Techniques for Media Outreach

You can’t take short cuts when it comes to media outreach. Here are a few of the techniques our agency consistently emphasizes to deliver excellent media placements: •Research: You’ve got to know who you’re sending your pitches to and what they write about, so research, from past articles to Twitter feeds, is important. We don’t ..

Editors of major U.S. consumer publications are bombarded with press releases, email pitches, follow up calls and new product announcements that far surpass the limited space available in their publication (and on their desks!). And with more information readily available online through interactive catalogs, electronic press kits, blogs, webinars, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc., finding the ..