Be an “expert” for the media You’ve seen the stories, where someone in your industry is quoted about something new in your field. It makes them sound like an expert – and it is great free advertising. If you want to explore that, perhaps the quickest way to establish yourself as an expert for reporters ..

Why do online press releases if you’re an author? First, press releases are proven. And they’ll always be relevant. No matter what happens with social media. As proof, look no further than how established companies utilize releases. And how search engines like Google continues to rank them highly despite all the recent algorithmic upheaval. The ..

What should businesses be paying attention to on their Facebook pages? Unlikes and unsubscribes. Sure, it’s normal to have a certain number of daily unlikes, though spikes and an upward trajectory could be telling you something about the publishing strategy that you’re not seeing in the overview section of Facebook’s insights page. By knowing the ..

Publishers, faced with shrinking book promotion budgets, are more excited than ever about telling authors to promote their own books online. By online book promotion, publishers often mean social networking. They use the phrases interchangeably. The reason publishers are particularly excited about online book promotion is that, in their opinion, they don’t have to get ..

Coming up with messaging for interactive platforms like Facebook is often an exercise in avoiding certain topics. Any post that might be viewed as irrelevant or singling out a subset of users is viewed as potential grounds for user abandonment and is immediately ruled out. Unfortunately, avoiding these types of posts also results in lost ..

Trade shows like Toy Fair and BookExpo are great places to meet buyers and also gain public exposure through media coverage. Here are six tips for trade shows to help you be successful in getting media coverage: 1. Don’t cheap out. You’ve already spent tens of thousands (or millions) on your exhibit. Spend a few ..