It’s hard to predict, and even harder to handle appropriately. It may come in the form of a Google Alert, a phone call inviting comment, or an email from a customer or colleague. You, or your company, is being criticized in public. Some say there’s no such thing as negative publicity, but most businesses on ..

1. Other News: A significant percentage of news is developed in follow up to other published stories by focusing on a new angle. Media outlets will take a national story and localize it for their audiences almost every day. They’ll also run columns, op-eds and side pieces that explore different perspectives on the big news ..

She reportedly exchanged thousands of lurid emails with another general. This angle of the Kelley story—that four-star Marine Gen. John Allen, the top man in Afghanistan and the nominee for NATO’s supreme allied commander, Europe—is grabbing the most attention. According to reports, Allen and Kelley exchanged numerous emails—the number is up for debate—some of which ..

Few things strike fear in the hearts of PR pros more than an urgent email from a client requesting a time-consuming project…that’s due in two hours…with no additional budget to complete. In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the scariest things that a client could utter, along with some quick tips for avoiding ..