In today’s media environment, delivering information in a concise manner can be the difference between a featured mention and obscurity. The ultimate example is turning a 500-word press release into a 140 character tweet. Here are four tips to help you do it successfully: 1.Don’t just repeat the headline. Though tempting to use, press release ..

In public relations, businesses are always thinking about external audiences. But just as important as the people you are trying to reach is your internal audience – your employees. Internal communications is essential to any PR plan but often gets overlooked. Here is an Internal Communications 101 course to guide your interactions with the people ..

Hopefully, you will not need to use this information, but it’s good to know what to do if a crisis arises. If you’re a service provider, crises can arise from several situations, including being discredited publicly, a verbal misunderstanding or use of a poor choice of words. If you produce a product, crises can arise ..

One of Strategic Vision, LLC’s great strengths is media relations. For 11 years, we’ve helped B2B and B2C clients make headlines. So, it’s not surprising that clients and prospects come to us frequently and ask, “Can you get us in the news?” The answer is usually, “Of course, as long as you have a compelling ..

In public relations, one of the first lessons we learn is that to deliver real results for our clients (and their bottom lines), we need to take ourselves out of the equation. The second lesson is how to convince our clients they have to do the same thing. Why? Because in most cases, neither we ..