Paula Deen And The Lessons Of Crisis Communications

The interview that many were waiting for happened. Paula Deen appeared on the Today Show to quell the growing crisis confronting her brand. Over the past week, her crisis response to the revelation that she had used the ‘N’ word over 20 years ago was disastrous. She has lost the Food Network, long the lynchpin ..

Branding Lessons For Men’s Wearhouse

If wasn’t for Paula Deen, Men’s Wearhouse would be getting the dubious honor of how not to deal with a crisis and branding strategy gone awry. Last week without warning or explanation, Men’s Wearhouse abruptly fired their founder and company spokesperson, George Zimmer famous for the slogan “You’re going to like the way you look. ..

How To Maximize Success For Your PR Program

Strategic Vision has worked with hundreds of companies over the years, and we have seen how some programs, processes and relationships are more productive than others. There are five behaviors that make a big difference in achieving results that will make your management team proud. 1. Set realistic expectations – whether they are written down ..

What can public sector agencies learn from businesses when they consider their own brands?

Major retail companies understand the link between their brand identities and their corporate success. That’s why companies like Nike, Walmart, Volvo, and Coca Cola are so protective of their brands. They have a compact with their customers and continued success depends on fulfilling their brand promise by delivering a consistent brand experience. The same is ..

PR Advice For The Tea Party and Republicans

The media has been filled with the bad public relations that Obama Administration has been suffering from a trio of investigations and scandals – Benghazi, Associated Press and the IRS investigations of Tea Party groups. Every day, Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary seems more embattled as the IRS narrative changes. The media which ..

Techniques for Media Outreach

You can’t take short cuts when it comes to media outreach. Here are a few of the techniques our agency consistently emphasizes to deliver excellent media placements: •Research: You’ve got to know who you’re sending your pitches to and what they write about, so research, from past articles to Twitter feeds, is important. We don’t ..

JC Penney is an iconic retailer dating back 111 years, yet lately it has fallen under hard times. For years it had an unique spot in retailing between stores like Macys and Sears. Lately though it has lost that middle ground and has been unable to compete against Belks, Macy’s and Kohl’s. In a sign ..

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced ex Congressman of Twitter fame, is looking to make a political comeback. Earlier this year he had polling done for a possible run for mayor of New York City or Comptroller. It seems that his political comeback plans are accelerating with a recent spread in the New York Times Magazine discussing ..